Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Touch or Not To Touch?


I'm seeking some advice here. I am finally getting around to seriously thinking about investing in an iPod Touch (I know, I'm late!), and I would appreciate advice from current iPod Touch users. Right now I'm using a (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition iPod nano that I received for Christmas a few years ago (a portion of the proceeds from each sale of one of these iPods supported AIDS research). I love it, but it has no video display screen and my brother tells me that I'm living in the Stone Age.

Touch Users: Do you like it? Do you love it? Should I upgrade?


Brooke said...

The touch is amazing! I had an old school mini that broke just recently, so the touch is a giant leap forward for me. I love that it has internet capabilities, too.

If you do buy one, get a case and an anti-glare film (by Power Support) right away so it stays in mint condition.

heather said...

Great advice. Thanks, Brooke!