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Ruby Perrin Q & A:

1. Who is Ruby Perrin?
A: Ruby Perrin Design is named after my grandmothers. Ruby = my paternal grandmother's first name, and Perrin = my maternal grandmother's last name. Two fabulous ladies. One stylish concept.

2. Are you a professional designer?
A: I'm a professional design enthusiast. During the day (and on many nights and weekends as well), I occupy myself with a challenging job that required seven years of post-secondary education and the successful completion of a traumatically difficult exam. In my free time, I devour all things design (and most sports).

3. Why did you decide to start Ruby Perrin?
A: Back when I was studying for that traumatically difficult exam, I calmed my nerves by visiting beautiful design blogs obsessing over the latest issue of Domino magazine (may it rest in peace).  Through self-study, I discovered that I really enjoyed design, and I set out to incorporate everything that I had learned in my new apartment. After my apartment began to take shape (it's not finished, nor will it ever be -- I've learned that good interior design is flexible and evolves over time), I realized that I missed having a space to design from scratch. Several thousand clicks through design websites and several thousand rounds of flipping through design magazines later, Ruby Perrin was born.

Because I love sports almost as much as I love design, I decided that it would only be fair (and honest) to devote a little blog space to my healthy obsession with sports (and by sports, I mostly mean football) as well.  In fact, when I first started blogging, I focused on sports (seriously -- click on the archives to see for yourself).

4. What are some of your favorite design resources?
A: Online Resources: I love Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, High Street Market and Bryn Alexandra Interiors for inspiration and great DIY project ideas. Target, West Elm and World Market have shopper-friendly websites (and web-only sales) that make e-shopping for the home easy and fun. And, second to no one (except, perhaps, my mother), I am the world's biggest Overstock.com fan. I've found really fantastic, affordable items for my apartment there.Offline/Bricks-and-Mortar Resources: The Domino Book of Decorating is a great resource that is full of timeless tips. Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art just might be my all-time favorite source for design inspiration. And when I opt to shop in-person instead of online, IKEA (for simple, basic pieces), Anthropologie (for pieces with a little personality and attitude) and the Home Depot (yes, the Home Depot) are some of favorite destinations. For vintage finds in the city that I now call home (I ♥ New York), I love Brooklyn Flea and the Housing Works thrift shops.

Have a question that's not answered here? I'm happy to answer it! Email me at heather [at] rubyperrin [dot] com.