Sunday, January 11, 2009

More "Before" Photos of the Apartment

My little blog is proving itself very useful for communicating with my mother and grandmother about the ongoing apartment improvement project. Here are some more "before" and "in-progress" pictures (this time, taken not at 9 p.m., but in the middle of the afternoon and with the benefit of natural sunlight).

Above: Several shots of my secretary desk (yes, the one that will be exchanged for another on Wednesday), my Toni Morrison hardcover book collection (a Christmas gift from my grandma last year) and my growing collection of Real Simple and Domino magazines, now neatly stored in the magazine crates that I bought at the Muji store in Soho for $5.75 each earlier today!

Above: A few additional shots of my living room, plus another shot of my dresser (which I love more and more with every passing day) and my wall of family photos.

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed watching the development of this blog page. It shows sophistication and playfulness. The colors in your apartment are absolutely divine, and it would be nice to see what your kitchen area is like. Please continue the postings as you update your apartment. Good luck!

One who admires your talents...