Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Successful Sunday

It's just after 3pm -- Sunday is far from over, and I've already accomplished several important goals. First, I purchased a replacement card reader and charger for my digital camera, so in just a few hours, I will able to use my camera again. This is very exciting. Second, (this is even more exciting) I found a dresser! And I found a lovely secretary that will look great near the entryway of my apartment (fun images at the left). I found both at West Elm. I wasn't a huge fan of the dresser's "acorn"-colored wood, but I was a huge fan of the drawer pulls, which I can switch out with my own, and I was also a huge fan of the price tag - $179.99, reduced from $549! Plus, I think the acorn color may grow on me. The secretary was also a steal, reduced to about $348, from $799.

I've got clothes in the wash now, and most of my other Sunday cleaning chores are done, so the game plan now is to charge my camera, treat myself to a manicure, and get geared up for all new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters tonight. Yep; it's been a successful Sunday.

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