Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So That's Why I Had Trouble Using J.Crew's Website Today

I think that Michelle Obama is absolutely fabulous, and I am so excited about her turn as First Lady of the United States. I respect that she is an Ivy League-educated attorney and the mother of two beautiful girls. I also appreciate that it is more important to focus on her professional and personal accomplishments than to focus on the clothes she wears and the decorating decisions she makes at the White House. So, as much as I love fashion and interior design, I am going to make a conscious effort to honor that focus (but not totally neglect the fashion and design angle, of course!).

With that said, I have just one tiny anecdote. For the past several days, I've attempted to make some "final sale" purchases on the J. Crew website. Without fail, the website has crashed every single time I attempted to make these purchases. It appears that ever since Michelle Obama wore J. Crew gloves to the inauguration festivities last Tuesday (in addition to wearing very stylish J.Crew outfits during several public appearances over the past few months), business at J. Crew has increased 400%. I guess the website wasn't prepared for the increased traffic. Amazing.

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