Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Minor Snafu

My apartment improvement project hit a little snag this afternoon. Apparently, the delivery team that assembled my framed secretary desk yesterday left one of the screws loose; the loose screw caused one of the levers that allows the surface of the desk to be pulled up or down to dig a deep scratch in the surface of the desk! Tragic. Reluctantly, I called the West Elm store to explain my dilemma and to see if there was anything I could do about it. And there was -- West Elm will be delivering a brand new secretary desk to my apartment on Wednesday. So, sad news: scratch in secretary desk. Good news: excellent customer service from West Elm.

Overall, my apartment improvement project has been moving more slowly today than I would like. I did finally move my clothes from the bright orange craft crates that lined the floor of my bedroom to my newly acquired dresser. And I did purchase these pillows (in chocolate) from Z Gallerie, 15% off and with free shipping. I think they'll brighten up my couch and complement the lamp shade and rug in my living room perfectly.

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