Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Successful Saturday?

I always set grand goals for my Saturdays, and typically end up going to bed Saturday night (more like early Sunday morning) disappointed in myself for not living up to my expectations. With a few notable exceptions, most of my Saturday plans have revolved around self-improvement or home-improvement projects. Or work. Today, my goal was to find a dresser (I have been living without a place to store my folded clothing since September...who knew that finding a dresser that I liked would be so hard?). Needless to say, I didn't find one. Well, actually, I found this rather extravagant piece at Z Gallerie, and while I contemplated paying $699 (I know) minus 10% for the only dresser that caught my eye during my months-long search, I absolutely drew the line at the $110 delivery charge. I mean, seriously? I did, however, pick up a giraffe-print throw for my couch. It's a little wilder than what I would typically go for, but it was soft and different and at 60% off, much more affordable than the dresser! I also managed to get a little work done. Oh, and I finally picked up some trouser socks and tights that are appropriate for both the winter months and the workplace (don't ask me how I made it this long without appropriate hosiery).

On deck for tomorrow: Replacing the AC adapter cord and USB cable that came with my digital camera and became casualties of my move out of campus housing at the end of the summer so that I can continue to document my life in photos. Painting one wall in my bedroom the same "greige" color that I pained several walls in my living room. Giving myself an at-home manicure with my new favorite nail polish color, O.P.I.'s Bubble Bath. Figuring out how to hook up my TIVO box to my cable box. And taking a nap.

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