Monday, January 26, 2009

Sports Round-up

It's been a while since I blogged about sports. Let's fix that.

1. A tragic story from Kentucky: Can a high school football coach be held liable for the heat-related death of one of his players?

2. Several unbelievable stories from former Yankees manager Joe Torre. Or maybe they're not that unbelievable?

3. And finally, now is about the time I usually start paying attention to college basketball. Apparently, the Duke Blue Devils have found their way to the top of the AP 25. Hmmph. I'm not a big Duke fan, but I'll refrain from making any negative comments about Duke basketball being entirely overrated (although I will say that I really respect Coach K -- particularly for the way he was able to reign in some serious NBA egos during the Beijing Olympics). It also appears that the Florida Gators have managed to fall out of the Top 25. Sad? Yes. Okay? Yes again. There's still plenty of time (and opportunity) between now and the championship game. That's the beauty of a playoff/tournament system. (Yes, BCS. I'm talking to you).

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