Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner (Plus a Few Very, Very "Before" Shots of the Kitchen)

My mom has requested that I post photos of my kitchen. Truthfully, there's really not much going on there yet. I envision creating a more retro-looking kitchen, with the unique pieces that I have collected and continue to collect on display. I'm not exactly sure how to do that (perhaps all the more reason to post pictures -- ideas, anyone?). But before I post those pictures, here are a few pictures of tonight's dinner preparation (spicy sausage and kale yummy on a cold winter night!).

The ingredients. (Fresh! I made a trip to Whole Foods this afternoon.)

Italian sausage, browned and seasoned with crushed red pepper.

White onion and pepper bacon, sauteed (ignore the bits of Italian sausage loitering on the sides of the pot).

Red potatoes simmered in (organic) chicken stock with the onion and the pepper bacon.

The main ingredients -- Italian sausage and kale -- added to the broth.

Dinner! (And yes, I realize that my bread plate and spoon are not on the correct sides of the bowl. I was starving when I took this picture, and I literally threw the soup, bread, and spoon down on my kitchen counter just long enough to snap a quick picture before I moved everything to my coffee table, where I proceeded to eat and watch the opening minutes of the Golden Globes.)

And now for the pictures of my kitchen. Not much to see here. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to pore over the pages my Domino Book of Decorating for ideas on how to rescue it.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! If I didn't already know that I could easily get my hands on it, I would definitely be begging for the recipe! The photos look good enough to eat - and you make it look so easy to make the soup dish. How nice!

Very entertaining! Looking forward to more...