Monday, January 5, 2009

Post Script on a Successful Weekend

A managed to snag a few minutes to blog (on a weekday!), so in between watching The Bachelor (the secondhand embarrasment I'm experiencing may force me to stop) and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, here I am. Two stories from yesterday require updating. First, I spoke too soon when I announced that by digital camera would be in working order by yesterday evening. Turns out I removed the memory card from my camera when I last used it over the summer, and I couldn't find any of my spares in my apartment, and the very kind sales associate who helped me at the Duane Reade earlier this evening informed me that I actually do not want to purchase a replacement memory card there (way overpriced; I will be forever grateful to that sales associate), so I am still without a working digital camera. I plan to correct this (read: buy a new memory card at a fair price) by Wednesday.

Second, I'm starting to have buyer's remorse about the secretary desk that I purchased from West Elm yesterday! Isn't that awful? I got a really good deal, and I've been eyeing that piece for months, but now I'm afraid that I don't have enough room for it in my apartment. I'm pretty sure that I actually will have room for it, and with everything else going on in the world, it's pretty ridiculous for me to be worried about this. For now, I think I'm just going to clean the space where I plan to put the secretary. And maybe shop online for a vase or two (on sale, of course) to place on top of it.

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