Monday, August 25, 2008

Part Two: The Teams to Watch in 2008

AP Top 25 Teams (as of August 24, 2008)
The Top 10:
1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. USC
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida (Go Gators! Yes, I'm still a die-hard Florida Gators fan.)
6. Missouri
7. LSU
8. West Virginia
9. Clemson
10. Auburn

The Rest of the Top 25:
11. Texas
12. Texas Tech
13. Wisconsin
14. Kansas
15. Arizona State
16. Brigham Young
17. Virginia Tech
18. Tennessee
19. South Florida
20. Illinois
21. Oregon
22. Penn State
23. Wake Forest
24. Alabama
25. Pittsburgh

In short, these are the 25 teams that the AP expects to have the best seasons in 2008. This year marks the first that the Georgia Bulldogs occupy the top spot in the preseason polls. Preseason rankings are based on several factors, including how well the team performed last season and how many players from last season are returning, the number of new recruits a team has acquired and the prospects of those recruits, and the strength of the coaching staff. In other words, the rankings are completely subjective. The rankings will change every week throughout the college football season, as teams win or lose games. Keeping up with the movement in the rankings from week to week (and disagreeing with the rankings when the experts get them wrong) is part of what makes the college football season so fun. ESPN's college football home page will help you keep up with the action from now until the championship game.

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