Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girl's Guide: Table of Contents

The inaugural Fashion Obsessed Sports Fan Girl's Guide, A Girl's Guide to the 2008 College Football Season, is on its way. The Guide will be presented in four posts, each of which will cover a different topic (see the table of contents below). I hope that Girl's Guides will become a regular feature of this blog; as such, comments and suggestions are very welcome!

A Girl's Guide to the 2008 College Football Season

Part I: The Rules of the Game (just enough to get by)

Part II: The Teams to Beat in 2008 (if the 2007 season is any indication, take this list with a grain of salt)

Part III: What to Wear (fashionable fans must dress the part!)

Part IV: Recipes for Game Day (the food's almost as important as the game. almost.)

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