Monday, August 25, 2008

Part Three: What to Wear (Fashionable fans must dress the part!)

You've familiarized yourself with the basics of college football and you know what teams to watch for this season. Now it's time to look the part. Luckily, long gone are the days when athletic gear and team merchandise were synonymous with shapeless sweatshirts and plastic beer mugs. Take a look at these great finds for fashionable fans (left to right, from top left) :

(1) A perfect Florida Gators hoodie. Perfect because the slim cut and lightweight material make it figure-flattering (read: not bulky!), while the fleece lining makes it warm and cozy. Plus, it's affordable at $39.95. (2) I love the washed and worn look of this Michigan baseball cap. Perfect for catching a game in person on a Saturday afternoon. (3) This USC tee speaks for itself. (4) Don't underestimate these earrings! In a near-perfect collision of sports and fashion, these are NCAA logo Oregon Ducks earrings. (5) Fashion-forward Longhorns fans, rejoice! The script on this Texas tee adds just the right amount of flare. (6) Who says you have to drink beer at your game day party? LSU fans can sip wine in style with these stemless glasses.

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