Saturday, March 28, 2009

Villanova v. Pitt: Good for College Basketball. Bad for my Bracket.

Just finished watching Villanova v. Pitt. What an exciting game! I'm still catching my breath.

'Nova took this one, and I should be upset about it, because my bracket is officially toast -- I had Pitt winning the Tournament. But I'm not upset at all. I'm thrilled, actually, because Villanova deserved to win this one -- they hustled, they played hard, and the number 3 seed beat its Big East rival/the number 1 seed in the region. Granted, things got a little sloppy near the end after Villanova realized that they just might win this thing. But what about Scottie Reynolds' buzzer beater at the end? Amazing. I live for upsets like that.

I suppose this is a little bittersweet -- the Pitt guys are crying (or look like they could, at least). I am sorry for them. But I'm a little more excited for Villanova.

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