Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday. But First, the ACC Championship Game.

Selection Sunday is finally here! I'm so excited. This evening, I'll have a better idea of which teams my brother and I are likely to see when we head down to Miami for Round 2 of the Madness.

But first: In just over 30 minutes, Florida State will meet Duke in the ACC Championship Game. As I've explained before, I am a Florida Gators fan. My blood runs orange and blue. So what I am about to say is going to be shocking. At the risk of alienating Gators fans everywhere, here goes: I am pulling for the Seminoles to deliver an upset in the ACC Championship Game. That's right, I really, really, really want FSU to win. This has more to do with my tendency to pull against Duke basketball than anything else. (Sorry Duke fans -- I really like Coach K and I respect Duke's program. But I firmly believe that Duke basketball is consistently overrated, each and every year.) Plus, as someone who calls Florida home, I have to support the Seminoles in their quest to stir up the basketball hierarchy of the Southeastern United States (defeating North Carolina was a great start).

Time to get ready for the game. Under normal circumstances, I'd be snacking on pizza and wings and little pigs-in-a-blanket while my eyes are glued to my TV. But I'm battling a cold at the moment, so instead I'll be enjoying a steady diet of throat losenges and chamomile tea. Yum.

Go 'Noles!

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Anonymous said...

Stick to the throat lozenges and tea. It is better to suffer the pain of not having the pigs and pizza now than suffer the pain of having a sore throat and miserable body aches next week. Don't want to mess up your March Madness weekend!