Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sewing Class Wasn't "Sew" Easy (Awful Pun, I Know. I Couldn't Help Myself.)

Today was the last day of my sewing class at FIT. I didn't walk away with a complete pair of pajama pants (I have 4 separate "leg" pieces of fabric; 2 of them are semi-connected in a pant-like fashion). So, 5 weeks and $230 later, I don't have a completed garment. But I do have some basic sewing skills: I know the names of most parts of a sewing machine. I understand how the different parts work. I can sew a straight line. I understand what it means to sew "with the grain" of the fabric. And I can thread a sewing machine (my proudest accomplishment).

There are several other sewing classes at FIT (Learn to Sew Like a Pro II and III, to be exact). I do want to take these, but I want to finish my pajama pants first. The plan now is to invest in a good sewing instruction book and a decent machine. Once I get the basics down, I'll move on to the next class. Of course, my ultimate goal is the same: making myself a shift dress that I can wear this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Summer is right around the much more do you need to learn before you can make a shift, and better will you manage to complete your pj pants?