Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever. Real Talk.

Usually, ABC is lying when it claims that an upcoming rose ceremony on The Bachelor will be "the most dramatic ceremony ever." But today, ABC did not lie. I literally fell off the couch and hit the floor hard while watching tonight's episode. Oh.My.Word. ABC's bachelor, Jason Mesnick, dumped Melissa shortly after proposing to her in New Zealand. I thought they were so in love! And to make matters worse, he has now started a relationship with Molly, the 24 year old department store buyer from Grand Rapids, Michigan (Jason dumped her shortly before proposing to Melissa).

I am speechless. I actually liked Jason! He seemed like a really sincere guy. Maybe he is sincere, and maybe something happened between Jason and Melissa that totally explains this baffling development. I just don't get it. I was really shocked when Molly basically welcomed Jason back with open arms soon after learning that he had shown Melissa the door. I really hope that things work out for Melissa. She was always my favorite. Team Melissa!

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