Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Love my Grandma. And France.

At some point during the process of designing my new apartment, my sensibilities took a very French turn. I became obsessed with all things French -- from the black and white canvas print of the Arc de Triomphe that hangs behind my couch to the "Cafe Paris" sugar bowl in my kitchen to the vintage French books that I found earlier today at a small French bookstore here in New York, I've tried to sneak a little piece of France in most corners of my apartment.

In December, I stumbled upon the pretty "French" cross stitch pattern pictured above. And for the past four months, my sharp, politically savvy, all-around fabulous grandmother has been working on this picture for me. With love. She's the best. I can't wait to hang it in my apartment. I'm very lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - this is Grandma!

PS - Only a grandmother would do this (the cross stitich) in the time period that it took me to do this...just because I wanted you to have it for your fashionable apartment as soon as possible.

Love you, dear!