Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love the Guggenheim

This year, the Guggenheim Museum was my accidental valentine. As a New Yorker for almost 6 years now, it's nothing short of a shame that I haven't been to each of the city's museums at least once. So yesterday morning, after making my list of weekend things-to-do and then suddenly realizing that it was Valentine's Day ( I know, I know), I decided that I should chuck the chore list and hop a train to the Upper East Side.

The Guggenheim was fabulous. As a NYC museum novice, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that several Renoirs, Picassos and Manets are part of the museum's permanent collection. They were just lovely. And Emily Jacir's exhibit, which chronicles the life and death of Wael Zwaiter and earned her the 2008 Hugo Boss prize, was chilling and incredibly thought-provoking.

A trip to the museum always leaves me inspired to do something "artsy" myself. So after leaving the Guggenheim, I headed to the Marimekko concept store to pick out a fabric for a wall hanging in my bedroom. When I returned home, I promptly made the wall hanging and displayed it on the wall. ( I would post pictures, but I am still waiting for my brother to return my digital camera to me. )

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