Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, and the Blog Received a Makeover

About 2 weeks ago, the name of this blog changed. And I neglected to discuss the change! I know; I can hardly believe it myself. I was so excited to get the new site up and running that once I did, I didn't explain my little blog's face lift. So here's the official announcement: The blog formerly known as The Fashion Obsessed Sports Fan is now Stilettos on the Gridiron. The entire blog, including archived posts, have moved to, well, exactly where you are right now. Why the change? Because my Florida stay-cation afforded me a lot of time to think about my blog-in-progress, and I decided that Stilettos on the Gridiron is a little more intriguing. I love intrigue. But...while the blog's name has changed, its mission has not. The blog is still dedicated to celebrating a girl's right to love college football, Manolo Blahnik sample sales, BCS Championship Game parties, glossy design magazines, and anything else her heart desires.

End Notes on NFL Action:

1. Tom Brady's definitely out. In an email to his teammates, he assured them that "everything will be okay" (or something to that effect...).
2. Oakland didn't score during its opening game against the Denver Broncos. Not at all. Not even a field goal. Ooops.

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