Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to Reality. Plus, NFL: The Soap Opera

The past few weeks have been great--I've been relaxing with my family in Florida and enjoying the sunshine and the slow pace that the central Florida coastal town that I call home has to offer. But, my job awaits, and on Wednesday I'll be returning to New York to get settled before work begins next Monday. Thankfully, my parents and my brother will be coming up to New York this weekend to help me get settled in my new apartment. I spent most of the morning confirming travel reservations and move-in dates and shipping items to my new apartment (including the fabulous new quilt and LeCreuset tea kettle that I found at unbelievable bargain prices at Tuesday Morning over the weekend). I still have some more errands to run and much more packing to do, but I wanted to take a break from all of that to talk about the NFL. That's right, professional football. College football is the game that gets me going; professional football usually doesn't pique my interest unless something other than the game itself is going on (case in point: Kim Kardashian cheering on Reggie Bush at the Saints game yesterday). But yesterday's quarterback drama has captured my attention. What drama, you ask?

1. Oh my goodness, Tom Brady might be out for the season? That's not good. I'm not even a Patriots fan, and I still think that the whole Tom Brady/Bridget Moynihan thing was just terrible. (Don't get me wrong, Gisele seems lovely, and if Tom and Bridget's relationship wasn't working out, there was no sense in continuing it, I guess. But Bridget was pregnant!). Even so, there's still something about Tom Brady that I find likeable. And, if he's out with a season-ending knee injury, well that's really too bad. Get better soon, Tom!

2. Okay, I still think that Brett Favre is a bit of a whiner after that whole faux-retirement thing. (Sorry Brett, you also seem like a great guy, and I remember being left with a very favorable impression of your wife after seeing her with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.) But he sure did deliver for the Jets yesterday (194 yards, 2 touchdowns). The man has gray hair and he turns 39 next month! I can't be mad at you, Brett.

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