Monday, September 8, 2008

Mike + Mike, Plus Mike and Monday Night Football?

Mike and Mike of ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning are calling the Monday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders (Yep; I'm watching another NFL game. I'm still not sure how that happened.) Oh, and Mike Ditka is there, too. A small confession before I continue: I've listened to Mike & Mike in the Morning maybe once, so I don't really know that much about them. What I do know is that Mike & Mike and Monday Night Football on ESPN make for very strange bedfellows. It's hard to follow their banter and the game at the same time. Plus, I'm distracted by their radio voices. Is this an experiment, or will Mike and Mike be doing this on a regular basis? I should look into that. (For what it's worth, Mike & Mike's commentary isn't bad. It's just different...I'm pretty sure I just caught a Forrest Gump reference.)

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