Monday, October 22, 2007

Professional Football Across the Pond?

I find college football to be far more exciting than professional football, but this news caught my attention: As part of its plan for global expansion, the NFL is taking its show on the England. This Sunday, the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins will be playing in London's Wembley Stadium. According to the NY Times, around 88,000 tickets for the game sold out immediately. If all goes well, additional NFL games will be played overseas in the future.

This is an interesting idea. Will it work? I suppose that if David Beckham can play football (the other kind) in Los Angeles, then Eli Manning can play football in London. But this seems different. What about the hometown crowd--the die-hard New York and Miami fans? There's something uncomfortably impersonal about a regular season NFL game between the Giants and the Dolphins being played thousands of miles away from both New York and Miami...

The NFL's Transatlantic Trip (New York Times)

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