Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boston Won Twice on Thursday; Saturday Means College Football!

Old news is news all the same: The Boston Red Sox won the second game of the World Series on Thursday night, 2-1. The Rockies lost again, yes, but losing by 1 run is better than losing by 12 runs. The series moves to Colorado tonight. Let's hope, for the sake of Rockies fans and for the sake of the Series, that the Rockies are more successful at home.

In Thursday night's college football action, the Boston College Eagles defended their (controversial?) #2 position by defeating #8 Virginia Tech. The Eagles were scoreless in the first three quarters, but two touchdowns in the 4th quarter led them to a 14-10 victory over the Hokies. Was the win convincing enough to keep the Eagles in the #2 spot? Probably, although this will depend in part on what happens today. Speaking of which, there are several exciting match-ups today. A few highlights:

1. Florida (#11) v. Georgia (#18). I live and die with the Florida Gators. They have to win this game. The Auburn loss was heartbreaking, and the LSU loss was heartbreaking, too. Florida and Georgina have identical records (5-2, 3-2 SEC), so in theory it's anyone's game. But Florida has the experience. And Tim Tebow. And my support. Go Gators!

2. Ohio State (#1) v. Penn State (#25).This game could be quite interesting: Ohio State's last regular season loss was to Penn State in 2005.

3. USC (#12) v. Oregon (#5). I respect USC's program, but I'm definitely pulling for Oregon. Go Ducks!

South Florida (#10) v. Connecticut (#23). The Florida Gators will always be my first love. But what about South Florida?!? The Bulls are having an amazing season. Last week's loss to Rutgers precipitated South Florida's fall from the #2 spot, but I am confident that they're hungry for a win this week.

(Note: Rankings refer to BCS Standings.)

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