Thursday, October 25, 2007

Favorite Fashion Finds

Sometimes my obsession with fashion is narrow. For months at a time, I'll wear a few favorite shirts, or a pair of worn jeans, or a pair of shoes (cute first, comfortable second) until they're begging to be retired. I wore a pair of gold loafers until my loved ones staged an intervention and asked me to stop. (In my defense, the gold loafers sound more outrageous than they actually were. And they were usually tucked under a pair of wide leg jeans and paired with a neutral top).

A few of my favorites are in heavy rotation right now. Luckily, they haven't gone the way of the gold loafers yet. But it's only a matter of time:

1. American Apparel Tri-blend T-shirts:I can only vouch for the lightweight raglan pullover and the short sleeve deep-v neck. But these shirts are amazing. The tri-blend (rayon/cotton/polyester) is surprisingly soft, the shirts retain their shape after many washes, and their retro look and feel give them a little more "ooomph" than your average t-shirt. I'll definitely wear these until they're torn and tattered. Then I'll buy some new ones.

2. Tony Lama Cowboy Boots: I acquired a pair of these on a recent trip to San Antonio. Love them. If someone had told me that cowboy boots were just as comfortable as sneakers, but that you could dress them up more easily and that they make you appear taller to boot (bad, bad pun), then I would have been wearing them a long time ago.

3. The Black "Pashmina" that I Bought at a Street Fair for $5: So you can't find this online. And I'm cheating a little bit here because I haven't actually worn it yet. But it will match everything, and it will function as both a wrap and a scarf. Plus, it was $5! (The best fashion advice that my father ever gave me: If you're going to buy something cheap--i.e. a $5 pashmina at a street fair--buy it in a dark color. That way, the cheapness is less likely to show).

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