Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Non-Reality TV Is the New Guilty Pleasure

ABC's Dirty Sexy Money is one of my favorite new fall shows. After a healthy (over)dose of reality television, a quirky, and slightly over the top scripted show is a refreshing change. And while the intricately woven social lives of the Darlings ("New York's wealthiest family") are almost too much for even the most attentive viewer to follow, I end up challenging myself to do so each week. (Spoiler Alert: Spoiling begins now.)What amazes me about this show is its delightfully fast pace and endless supply of surprises--I thought for sure that it would be weeks before Brian's wife discovered that the orphaned child that she and her husband had been caring for was actually the child that her husband fathered with another woman. Karen and Nick were secretly engaged when they were nineteen!!--who knew?? (Nick's wife, Lisa, certainly didn't.) And Natalie's really not pregnant with Jeremy's child? Definitely didn't see that coming. Although maybe I should have...

Next up: We'll learn which of the Darling children isn't really a Darling. Patrick will have to reach some resolution about his Senate campaign and his extramarital affair. And after the strong lead-in, it seems inevitable that Blair Underwood's character is about to shake things up...

Dirty Sexy Money 101 (ABC)

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