Friday, April 11, 2008

A Prescription for the Seasonal Sports Fan

This is old, old, old news: Kansas outplayed Memphis in overtime on Monday night to win this year's NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship, 75-68. I didn't note this earlier, and my negligence has led me to this realization: I'm going to be a little quiet on the sports front until college football starts up again in the fall. My heart belongs to college football first and college basketball second (my relative lack of interest in this year's Tournament was a fluke). My interest in sports therefore wanes in the late spring/summer months. I probably won't catch many professional basketball games until the playoffs, and even then, I'll only watch the "must win" games in each series. I'll watch even fewer professional baseball games. I might catch the World Series, depending on what else is on at the time...

What will I do when my sports obsession temporarily abandons me? Turn to the next best thing, of course. I've realized that historically, my love of everything fashion, art, and design intensifies during the summer months. I enrolled in a jewelry design course at New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology a few summers ago. During another summer, I took up knitting. And now that the weather seems to be warming up (finally!), it's time for me to begin planning the next phase of my art/fashion/design obsession. Exciting details to follow.

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