Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exciting Details, Part I

So in the last post, I promised that warmer weather and the conclusion of the college basketball season would bring an "intensification" of my love of fashion, art and design. And I am happy to report that warmer weather and the conclusion of the college basketball season have not disappointed! The first bit of exciting news is that through trial and error, and with a lot of luck, I managed to teach myself enough about Adobe Photoshop to design a new banner for my little blog (see above). This is actually quite exciting, because I am not technologically savvy at all (although I desperately want to be, and I have promised myself that I will keep learning).

The next bit of exciting news is that a trip to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene last Sunday inspired me to revisit jewelry design, a hobby that I fell in love with several summers ago. Some have commented that the Brooklyn Flea (which was launched on April 6) does not showcase enough traditional flea market merchandise and instead showcases too many handcrafted pieces (see this New York Times article). I respectfully disagree. I am a huge fan of independent designers and the designs that they pour their hearts and souls into... and I love that at the Brooklyn Flea, these new, fresh designs can share space with old, worn treasures.

And finally, on an entirely unrelated note, I managed to catch an NBA playoff game last night. Things don't look so good for the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers, lead by Kobe Bryant and his 49 points (wow), put a hurting on them in LA last night. The Lakers now lead the series 2-0. Maybe the Nuggets will have better luck at home. Or maybe they won't. In any event, game #3 is in Denver on Saturday.

(Last Sunday's trip to Fort Greene also inspired me to snap a few pictures. Here's one of my favorites, taken at an intersection not too far away from the flea market.)

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Anonymous said...

I love your return to the fashionista focus. Sports are fine, and I see that you know much about the teams, players, and status of those entities. However, you identify yourself as the fashion obsessed sports fan - not the sports obsessed fashionista!
Love ya!