Monday, November 19, 2007

Michelle Obama to Co-host The View

Here's some fun television news: On December 5, Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, will be the guest co-host on The View. I cannot wait for this! Michelle Obama has been one of my favorite figures in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and I am sure that this Princeton and Harvard educated attorney and former Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals will do an amazing job as co-host. It's too bad that Elisabeth Hasselbeck will still be on maternity leave when Obama visits--it would have been really interesting to see the two of them host together. Of course, when Hillary Clinton appeared on The View as a guest a few weeks ago, she and Hasselbeck seemed to get along just swimmingly. And just in case there was any doubt, on today's show Barbara Walters revealed that Clinton had sent Hasselbeck a lovely gift congratulating her on the birth of her son. Very thoughtful! Or political. Either way, it was a nice gesture.

15 days until Michelle Obama's appearance on The View!

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