Monday, November 5, 2007

Celebrity Sighting at Benihana

Academic obligations prevented me from blogging dutifully during the past week, but I emerged from the depths of graduate school to share this fun anecdote: Earlier this evening, while celebrating my birthday at Benihana (which, by the way, is the restaurant of choice for birthday girls and boys--no fewer than five November 5th babies were there tonight, and each received a scoop of vanilla ice cream adorned with cocktail umbrellas and a commemorative Polaroid to mark the occasion), I happened to glance up from the hibachi only to spot former Florida Gator turned Atlanta Hawk Al Horford dining a few tables away from us! A brief detour to his table on our way out of the restaurant revealed that Mr. Horford is both friendly and gracious, and also remarkably understanding when strangers interrupt his meal to tell him how great he is.

The Atlanta Hawks are playing the New Jersey Nets at Continental Airlines Arena tomorrow night, which explains why Al Horford was dining in a Manhattan Benihaha tonight. Go Hawks!

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