Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Hello, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

I just finished watching the season premiere of Mad Men for the second time. I had to watch it twice to fully absorb all of the changes -- I was prepared for change, but I was not prepared for a seismic shift! (P.S. -- What did Betty and Henry Francis do with the velvet tufted headboard? I so miss that headboard.)

During my second viewing, I was able to focus on SCDP's new digs in the Time-Life building. The new offices have an entirely different vibe -- I do miss the sepia-toned hues of the old Sterling Cooper offices. But the new offices are beginning to grow on me. I was really struck by the bold use of color, which I first thought looked a little anachronistic for 1964. But as these photos from the House Beautiful archives have taught me, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce was just catching up with the times:

circa February 1962

circa May 1962

circa October 1961

circa December 1961

circa February 1960

(All images via House Beautiful)

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