Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at the MOMA

I spent yesterday afternoon strolling through Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art (along with at least 1,000 other people who also decided to spend Easter Sunday at the museum). I had so much fun -- I really love the MOMA. I snapped a few pictures (with the camera on my Blackberry Storm!) to document my trip. [Disclaimer: As the descriptions below will reveal, I am not an art historian. I just love art. And weekend trips to the museum.]

A destination scroll from an Italian airport terminal (I think). I nearly killed myself trying to get this picture. That floor-to-ceiling glass at the MOMA can really mess with someone's depth perception.

Warhol's Campbell's soups.

I'm pretty sure this was a mixed media collage.

I'm in the middle of Google-ing to figure out whose work this is (leads are welcome). I should have written it down; I love this piece.

Another Warhol. Marilyn, in technicolor and against a gold background.

This adorable bicycle was displayed with a vintage Vespa and a Ferrari!

(A representative portion of) Monet's Water Lilies, at the MOMA until April 12. This is the real reason why I went to the museum in the first place.

1: Eames! 2: Oh, what I would give to "borrow" (on a permanent basis) this furniture for my apartment... 3: Eames!

If you look closely enough you can almost make out my reflection in this picture.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "tour" of the museum! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. You did a grand job with the picture-taking! And from a cell phone camera?

Sunny Florida!