Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber Is Neither a Joe nor a Plumber. Plus Other Random Musings.

I've been trying to keep my blog a politics-free zone. Not because I'm not into politics -- I'm actually obsessed with politics -- but because life is stressful as it is, and I try to keep my blog full of happy things like college football rivalries and pretty dresses and beautiful home furnishings. But I'm just bursting at the seams about this: Joe the Plumber, the "average American" who was invoked at Wednesday's presidential debate no fewer than 20 times, is not a Joe. And he's not a plumber. He's some guy named Samuel who works for a plumbing company in Ohio. He does not have, and never has had, a plumbing license. Click here for the story (and for a little British flair).

Seriously? Is this is what we've come to? This has been the craziest election I've ever seen. I can't wait for November 4th. Please vote.

On an entirely different note, I ordered this media console today. And yesterday, I ordered these curtains for my bedroom and this pillow (the one with the circles) for the couch in my living room. Slowly but surely, my apartment is coming together. My goal is to have it in a fully functional state for the holiday season. Speaking of the holidays, I'm so excited for Thanksgiving weekend. My parents and brother are coming up from Florida to shop, relax, and help me assemble the aforementioned media console (a power drill is required!).

P.S. Florida had a bye this week, and all the Top 4 teams won. Well, the Texas-Missouri game isn't over yet, but it looks pretty bad for Missouri. The Longhorns are up 35-3 at the half. So barring disaster, Texas can is gonna stay in the number one spot this week.

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