Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goodness All Around

I'm blogging from my couch (more on the couch below) as I watch the Florida-LSU game. Florida is ahead 10-0 with six minutes left in the 1st quarter. I'm feeling good about this one. Other things that I'm feeling good about at the moment:

1. Korres Natural Skincare products. I had been eyeing these at Sephora for the past year. On Thursday evening, when my face began to show the effects of pulling late nights and weekends at work, I decided to stop by Sephora to pick up a new under eye cream. Instead, I picked up a Korres Wild Rose starter set, which included an Evening Primrose Eye Cream. All of the products in the kit are, but not greasy, and ever so slightly fragrant.

2. Hand sanitizer. Not for its sanitizing capabilities, but for its ability to remove an ink stain from my brand new, cream colored microfiber couch. Yes, I made the mistake of taking notes (about my student loan repayment schedule, no less) with a bright blue pen while sitting on my new couch. Yes, I panicked and googled "removing ink stains from microfiber." Yes, my search yielded the hand sanitizer trick (dab a little on the stain; blot, don't rub, until ink disappears). And yes, it worked!

3. The Domino Book of Decorating (and, for delivering my pre-order copy in 2 days). Thank you, Domino editors, for putting together this book at the perfect time. I have just embarked on decorating my new apartment, and this book is full of really great tips. Plus, once I finally decide on a coffee table, I can keep this book on it!

Okay, back to the game. Florida is now ahead 17-0 at the end of the first quarter.

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