Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love: Matt Bernson and Kate Spade Clutches

Everyday objects can be a perfect (in that totally unintentional way) source of design inspiration. In my apartment, I've tried to capture a bit of that spirit by decorating with everyday objects, like books with colorful spines and vintage cameras.

So what happens when an ordinary (or, in the case of the gold bar, maybe extraordinary) object is re-imagined, re-worked and then revealed to the design-obsessed among us? Magic is what happens. Cases-in-point: the Matt Bernson Gold Bar Clutch and Kate Spade's new line of book clutches. How fabulous are these little numbers?

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At $99, the Matt Bernson clutch, handcrafted from one piece of molten leather, is a steal (and much more affordable than the vintage Chanel gold bar clutch). A Kate Spade book clutch will set you back a cool $325, but, as with most good design, it just might be worth the investment. Looking for a more wallet-friendly option? Download a free desktop wallpaper inspired by the Kate Spade book clutches.

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