Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jane Sterling: Stealth Interior Designer?

Apart from the California scene in which Don Draper Dick Whitman touches up a wall in Anna Draper's living room with a few fresh coats of a pretty shade of Sherwin-Williams blue paint, Sunday night's episode of Mad Men was relatively light on design (however, the last 20 minutes or so were heavy on debauchery, courtesy of Don Draper and Lane Pryce, of all people). So, for this post, I decided to revisit something that I noticed during last week's episode: Jane Sterling has an eye for design! Last week, we learned that Jane had a hand in decorating Roger Sterling's new office. Jane may not know how to choose a husband (or maybe she does?), but she certainly knows how to choose beautiful office furniture. Beautiful Saarinen office furniture. I definitely spotted a tulip table and chairs in Roger's "Italian Hospital" office.

In honor of the new Mrs. Sterling's good taste, here's a little eye candy:

Saarinen Tulip Chair
(image via dwr.com)

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