Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that Happened Since I Last Blogged

1. I turned 28! I thought that 28 would freak me out, but I think I'm going to love all 365 days of it.

2. I neglected to name an NCAA Football Player of the Week. Twice. I blame this on my birthday celebration, an unintended Halloween celebration and a slight cold (which is almost gone -- thank goodness).

3. I became obsessed with West Wing reruns on Bravo. I've set my DVR to record them every time they air. I wasn't a huge West Wing fan during the height of its popularity, but I now see what I missed. TV makes working in the White House look so glamorous!

4. I've made more (minor) changes to the apartment. I've come to realize that I will be decorating my apartment forEVER. And I'm okay with that. (Yes, Mom -- I will post pictures soon.)

5. I started getting excited about the fall! The shift from summer to fall always wreaks havoc on my skin (and my sinuses, for that matter), but I am still excited for scarves and leather totes and hot chocolate and Thanksgiving! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm anxious to try this recipe, but with sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin. Yum.

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