Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NCAA Football Player of the Week: Johnthan Banks

Better late than never! Without further delay, I'd like to announce this week's NCAA Football Player of the Week: Mississippi State's Johnthan Banks.

Mississippi State played the Gators on Saturday afternoon. The Gators managed to escape with a win (thank goodness), but the game was not pretty -- at all. What was pretty (and I apologize for using the word "pretty" to describe a football play) was freshman Johnthan Banks' amazing interception (Tebow basically threw the ball to him) and subsequent run across the entire length of the football field to score a touchdown for the Bulldogs. It was an incredible play. So incredible, in fact, that even though my blood runs orange and blue, while watching the game I realized that despite my utter lack of objectivity, even I have to acknowledge an exhilarating athletic feat when I see one.

For executing a play so amazing that you forced me to cheer (if only for 3 seconds) against my beloved Florida Gators, this week's virtual trophy is for you, Johnthan Banks:

Well done.

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