Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Florida Gators, I Love You. xoxo.

The Florida Gators get their own post today, because yesterday they knocked off the top-ranked Alabama Crimson to win both the SEC Championship and a berth to the BCS Championship game. The Gators really made my night last night -- I was a little disappointed after social plans that I had been looking forward to suddenly came crashing down. By 7:00 pm or so, when it became clear that Florida was going to hand Nick Saban and his team their first defeat of the season, I had totally forgotten about the aforementioned social plans and instead become absolutely thrilled about the Gators impending victory and the realization that Percy Harvin is a good looking guy -- I hadn't realized!

Tons of exciting college football developments are on tap...tonight the official BCS bowl series match-ups will be announced, and next week, this year's Heisman trophy winner will be announced (Tim Tebow certainly made an excellent case for a repeat performance last night...).

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